Moose Management Initiative

March 6, 2006Moose, News

UINR has taken on the responsibility of creating a moose management plan. UINR, representing the five Mi’kmaq communities of Unama’ki, is mandated to implement this plan with the support of the Mi’kmaq Grand Council and the Unama’ki Council of Elders. Further development and long-term acceptance of this initiative is supported by Mi’kmaq leadership and by … Read More

Pitu'paq Update

March 6, 2006News, Partnerships

The Upcoming Chapel Island Mission is the hot button topic with Pitu’paq this spring. From bottled water to port-a-potties, the environmental issues for the tiny island and the surrounding Bras d’Or Lakes are being addressed. Pitu’paq deals with the most immediate concerns of this year’s Mission while planning for a future where there will be … Read More

Greening Potlotek

March 5, 2006News, Partnerships

Chief Wilbert Marshall and Chief Executive Officer Lindsay Marshall of Potlotek First Nations are working on an ambitious plan to put Potlotek on the Green map! And they don’t plan to stop there. They intend to share their green vision with other Mi’kmaq communities and build their capacity to export their services and expertise. The … Read More

Science Nest

March 5, 2006News

In the Mi’kmaq Nation, the wtisi, or nest, is particularly symbolic of the eagle. Eagles are monogamous and the nest is a place for both adult and young together. The nest provides a safe place to be nourished and develop. However, the nest must be strong, with good resources, to withstand the pressures around it. … Read More

Video Documentary Planned

March 5, 2006News

UINR is working on a video documentary about oysters in the Bras d’Or Lakes and the MSX parasite. We will not be documenting this appearance as an isolated event. We expect that the documentary may well end up being a lesson for the future about sustainable human economic activity in the Bras d’Or Lakes. This … Read More

Plamu salmon workshop

March 5, 2006News

A Plamu (salmon) workshop is scheduled for June 28/29 in Wagmatcook. This workshop will bring together salmon fishermen of all stripes, enforcement personnel from various agencies, and some fisheries scientists to identify the components of a management plan for the Atlantic Salmon in Cape Breton. It is hoped that bringing stakeholders of all groups together … Read More

CEPI Coordinator

March 5, 2006News, Partnerships

Shelley Porter has joined UINR as the Bras d’Or Lakes Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative (CEPI) coordinator. CEPI was initiated by  Mi’kmaq to bring partners together to work collaboratively on solving environmental challenges in the Bras d’Or Lakes and to develop comprehensive environmental management plan for the Bras d’Or Lakes. CEPI blends First Nation knowledge, approaches … Read More

Mi'kmaq Youth Elder Council

March 5, 2006News

Watch for updates on the development of a Mi’kmaq Youth Elder Council. A planning session sponsored by UINR and Kwilmu’kw Maw-klusuaqn (KMK ) brings together Nova Scotian Mi’kmaq youth and elders to respond to issues surrounding land, resources, and governance. The Youth Elder Council will provide a mechanism by which traditional knowledge of the Elders … Read More

Traditional Ecological Knowledge Workshop

March 5, 2006News

Inclusion…holistic thinking… history…tradition…survival The Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative’s Traditional Ecological Knowledge Workshop is being held to collect traditional ecological knowledge as part of the Ecosystem Overview and Assessment for the Bras d’Or Watershed (2004-05, Mike Parker). When this document went to review, it was criticized for being too Western-science-based and did not contain the two-eyed … Read More

Northern Red Oak

January 24, 2006Forestry, News

Mimkwonmooseel Northern Red Oak Quercus rubra L. Getting your Red Oak started is easy. 1. Soak your peat pellet in warm water until it expands fully. 2.Make a hole in the top of the peat pellet and plant your acorn below the surface. 3. Put your planted pellet on a saucer in a sunny window … Read More

Lobsters Get New Home

December 27, 2005News

The Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources (UINR) was successful in bidding for an artificial habitat to be put in East Bay in the Bras d’Or Lakes (Lobster Fishing Area 28). Three hundred and twenty-four specially constructed concrete blocks were put into the Lake in October 2005 to become habitat for young lobsters that may not … Read More