Peter DeWolf

Clean Communities Program Manager

It might seem strange to have someone so allergic to most of the environment endeavouring to protect it, but with Peter it somehow it works.

Peter DeWolf is the manager of our newly-branded Clean Communities Program.

He studied business at Dalhousie University. Following years in various Community Economic Development roles, Peter spent more than a decade working in government. In both cases, it was always his goal to represent the people of Unama'ki, and to secure as much funding as possible from Halifax and Ottawa for worthwhile causes and projects.

Peter's days are spent meeting with the Mi'kmaq communities of Unama'ki to assess their solid waste needs, as well as how best to
achieve them. He meets with government officials and employees on their behalf, seeing what the world looks like from the other side of the desk.

"I immediately felt extremely welcome at UINR, and greatly enjoy working with a wonderful group of people who care as much about each other as they do the environment. Plus no one gets too mad at me when I fill the offices with boxes from a project I'm working on."

When he's not working, Peter loves spending time with Amy and their daughter Priya. In addition to chasing the baby around, Peter writes, visits his beloved Isle Madame, and tells people that this could be the Blue Jays' year. (It really could be!)