Request for Proposals: Capacity Building using Cumulative Effects Approach

December 14, 2021News

UINR is looking for proposals to build capacity to establish an Indigenous-led management process for our traditional harvesting areas in Unama’ki using a cumulative effects approach to resource management, monitoring and assessment. Have a look at the full description for more information: RFP Cummulative Effects

UINR 2021 Scholarships

July 2, 2021News

Announcing UINR’s annual scholarships for individuals pursuing careers in science and natural resource management.  Deadline is Monday, July 12. Apply today!   For full descriptions, click on the links: Georgia pacific scholarship 2020 PH Paper Scholarship 2020 PHP Forestry scholarship 2020

Job Opportunity: Forestry Outreach Coordinator

Job Opportunity: Forestry Outreach Coordinator

June 3, 2021News

UINR is looking to hire a Forestry Outreach Coordinator to work with Wahkohtowin Development to inform communities in Eastern Canada of the new National Forest Stewardship Standard and help explore opportunities to advance UINR’s work under the new standard.  Deadline extended to June 14th. For full job posting, click here: Forestry Outreach 2021 posting

UINR Partnership Tenets

UINR Partnership Tenets

May 12, 2021Aquatic Stewardship, Commerical Fisheries, Forestry, Guardian Program, IPCA, Library, Media, Moose, Netukulimk, Partnerships, Research

As a Mi’kmaw organization, we value insights from Western science and we also value our own ways of knowing and being. Given the interest in Two-Eyed Seeing, reconciliation and the need for many projects to collaborate and partner with Indigenous peoples, we would like to provide guidance on how this can be achieved with UINR. … Read More

We love Unama’ki species, and we know you love them too!

We love Unama’ki species, and we know you love them too!

February 10, 2021News

Happy Valentine’s Day! Ksaltimkewey na’kwek! We have just the right Valentine messages for your loved ones. Spread the love! Download these Valentines, cut them out, give them out to your Valentines. Click this link to see all 12 Valentines: UINR Valentines

Mackerel MEK

November 5, 2020Aquatic Stewardship, Netukulimk, Research

As part of our on-going commitment to learn about important species from our knowledge holders, UINR is pleased to introduce another addition to our Mi’kmaw knowledge booklets! While many of our previous booklets focused on species at risk, Atlantic mackerel, amalamek, continues to provide for our people as food and bait for other species when … Read More