For some of us, things just never add up…but that’s definitely not the case for Billy Taylor. As UINR’s Finance Officer, it’s Billy’s mission to make sure that everything adds up to the penny. If things like cash flow statements, account reconciliation and financial forecasts make your eyes glaze over, Billy’s light up!

It’s Billy’ job at UINR to deal with everything that has a dollar sign before it. Budgets, invoice payments, payroll–all fall within his responsibility. For an organization with fifteen full-time employees that are involved in a wide range of projects with multiple funding partners, it’s a testament to Billy’s time management that he finds time at lunch to grab a soup and sandwich at Brenda’s Cafe!

A graduate from Riverview High School, Billy went on to study at UCCB where he received a diploma in Business Technology. This was the beginning of over 15 years of working in the private sector doing everything from computer sales and repair to management. It’s here that Billy caught the finance bug and he soon found himself buried in the books and loving it!

Before you think that Billy is all work and no play, on his off time you can find him with his wife Dawn, spending time with their three dogs and cat, camping around Cape Breton in their travel trailer, and golfing as much as possible. In the winter, Billy plays goalie in co-ed hockey.

“All my previous work was in the private sector where the main objective was making money. Coming from a place where there was a constant battle for profit, it is really rewarding to be working at UINR where our main objective is community education and the environment.”


Molly, Zoe, Calvin and Hobbes

Ten questions

Chose an animal native to Unama’ki.


Favourite season?


What is the best part of your work?

The relaxed atmosphere.

Choose a quality you admire in others.


Favourite beach?

Cheticamp Beach.

Last thing you read?

UINR’s 3rd Quarter Financial Statements.

What’s for supper tonight?

Pork chops, I hope!

What is your favourite website?

eBay and

What did you do in the last week to help the environment?

Composted and recycled.

Chocolate or chips?

Chocolate. It’s not safe near me.

Billy reviews financial statements with Annie Johnson.