Those of you with a good memory will remember Alyssia worked at UINR last summer, helping put together a brochure on best boating practices in the Bras d’Or Lakes. She worked with her brother Norman, researching clean boating initiatives, visiting local marinas, and other boating hot spots to bring boaters the message on what they can do to protect the Lakes.

66Alyssia is back, but this time she is a new research assistant and she will be working to finalize the Marine Environmental Quality module for the State of the Bras d’Or Lakes report. Her job will be to fill in the gaps in the last two sub-watershed sections of St. Andrew’s Channel and the North Basin, and will edit the remaining sub-watershed sections of the background report.

This report will be used by the Bras d’Or Lakes Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative (CEPI) to help develop a management plan for the Bras d’Or Lakes.

From UINR Marten – Vol.2. Issue.4 – Winter 2006