Unama’KIDS’ coordinator Selena Cremo with students from Eskasoni and Wagmatcook


Apistane’wj is the Mi’kmaq word for the American marten, the subject of a new play put together by UINR’s Unama’KIDS. UKids coordinator Selena Cremo worked with direction from Maura Lea Morykot, well-known teacher and performer, to put together a story on the endangered marten and attempts to reestablish it in Unama’ki.

They researched the story, helped write the script and constructed all of the puppets at workshops through the winter. This spring they presented the show to their fellow schoolmates. Apistane’wj travelled to all five Mi’kmaq communities and was well-received by everyone who saw it.

Helping with the production was ECMA award winner Jamie Foulds who worked on the recording, editing and soundtrack for the production. The Unama’KIDS had a real blast at Jamie’s Soundpark Studios doing the recordings!

If you missed Apistane’wj, stay tuned. We’re working with the Unama’ki College at CBU to do a video production that we will show on UINR TV and your community channel.

UINR’s Unama’KIDS involves grade six students from five Mi’kmaq communities. They learn about natural resources and the environment. This year, Environment Canada funded us through its EcoAction program.



Membertou and Shipyard Elementary Unama’KIDS
Potlotek Unama’KIDS
Maura Lea Morykot lends a hand in puppet making