Margaree Salmon Association is tracking salmon in the Margaree River and Atlantic Ocean.

If you find a black cylindrical device (about 2 1/2 inches in size) inside a salmon kelt (commonly known as slink salmon), contact UINR with information on catch date and location.

If you catch a salmon kelt and you notice a one-inch incision on its belly area, this indicates that it probably contains a tracking device. You may wish to live release this fish to enable the device to collect migration information.

If you have salmon kelt in the freezer that are not cleaned, and you notice an incision on its belly, it may have a tracking device inside.

This device DOES NOT contaminate the fish and it is still edible.

It is important to return the tracking device because of the scientific information it provides. You will receive a ball cap from the Ocean Tracking Network  for returning the tag and information.


Please contact UINR:

Shelley Denny 902 578 4340

Keith Christmas 902 379 2163

or 902 578 8149