29Dr. John Harker, President and Vice-Chancellor of Cape Breton University and Chief Terrance Paul, President of UINR, signed a Memorandum of Understanding formally recognizing the shared interests of CBU and UINR in the well-being of society and its environment in Unamaki. It provides a formal mechanism for the institutions to work cooperatively on the common goals of conservation, protection and sustainable development by applying science and traditional knowledge as they relate to natural resource management, education and health. The intent of the MOU is to build upon the institution’s independently established roles to mutually increase capacity in the arenas of understanding and action.

The main representatives are Charlie Dennis at UINR and Cheryl Bartlett from CBU’s Integrated Science Program. The agreement is to collaborate in several areas of scientific research and integrative science (western science and traditional knowledge combined with Two-Eyed-Seeing). The areas covered include biodiversity, ecology, fisheries, forestry, geology, watershed, aquatic and marine ecosystem dynamics, ecosystem health and the environment in general.

Under the agreement, CBU agreed to develop collaborative research plans and proposals with UINR. CBU’s Institute for Integrative Science and Health, the Bras d’Or Institute for Ecosystem Research, the Office of Research and Academic Institutes and the Schools of Science and Technology, and Education, Health and Wellness. They will facilitate and prepare joint applications to different funding agencies and active involvement of students, facility, Elders and community members.

From UINR Marten – Vol.1. Issue.2 – Winter 2005