logo award (1)
Shelley Denny, Leon Denny and Tyson Paul award Eskasoni’s Lenita Dominique Denny as a winner in the Fish-WIKS logo contest.

Lenita Dominique Denny, a 14 year old grade 8 student from Eskasoni, is the winner of the Fish-WIKS logo contest for the East Coast region. Her design, along with designs from three other regions across Canada, will form the Fish-WIKS logo.

She was presented with a $500 award by UINR/Fish-WIKS Community Liaison Coordinator Tyson Paul, Eskasoni Councillor Leon Denny and UINR’s Shelley Denny.

UINR is a partner with Fish-WIKS, along with the Assembly of First Nations, BC First Nations Fisheries Council, Government of Nunavut, Vancouver Island University, University of Guelph, University of Toronto and Dalhousie University. Fish-WIKS is a five-year collaborative project funded by the Social Sciences and Research Council of Canada.

Fish-WIKS research looks at understanding indigenous knowledge systems and how they can be used to enhance Canadian fisheries governance and management. Fish-WIKS aims to identify both what is similar and different in indigenous knowledge systems in four regions and communities across Canada (Tla-o-qui-aht, BC; Repulse Bay, Nunavut; Nipissing, Ontario; and Eskasoni, Nova Scotia).

Working with users and decision makers, key research questions focus on examining how western and indigenous knowledge systems currently influence fisheries governance and understanding how indigenous knowledge systems could improve efforts.

Graduate students from Dalhousie University visited Eskasoni to begin their research and were guided by Fish-WIKS Liaison Coordinator Tyson Paul of Eskasoni. Tyson provides an ongoing link with Eskasoni and members of the research team, helps build community awareness and organizes meetings and other events.

For more information contact Tyson Paul: tyson@uinr.ca