27Pitu’paq was pleased to welcome Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour’s Deputy Minister Bill Lahey to its November meeting. Mr. Lahey was impressed with Pitu’paqâ’s collaborative process and congratulated the group on their successes to date. Recognizing that there is much more to accomplish, Mr.. Lahey brought a letter of support from his Department with a contribution of $8,000 for a feasibility study to address the challenges of managing rural on site sewage disposal systems in a sustainable manner.

Pictured in the photo above, Pitu’paq’s chairman Chief Terry Paul is presented with a letter of support from the Deputy Minister Bill Lahey. Back Row – Sharon Carter, Chief Sandy Googoo, Vera Pierro, Donnie Patterson, Dan E. MacNeil, Virick Francis, Duart MacAulay, Joe MacPhee, Charlie Dennis Front Row – Kim Paul, Esmond Marshall, Chief Terrance Paul, Deputy Minister Bill Lahey, Chief Wilburt Marshall, Laurie Suitor.

Mr. Lahey noted Pitu’paq’s work on securing multi-partner funding to support ten interns in the undertaking of an analysis of sewage and other issues in the Bras d’Or Lakes and the production of a Bras d’Or Atlas, and the signing of the ten commitments to address sewage contamination in the Bras d’Or.

Valerie O’Grady, Atlantic Coastal Action Program Cape Breton’s (ACAP) new Executive Director also met with the Pitu’paq board to present an overview of ACAP’s programs and activities. Some of ACAP’s programs include vermicomposting, restoration of fresh water habitats, involvement in the One Ton Challenge, promoting a healthy, active lifestyle and cleanup of dump sites.

The Bras d’Or Lakes designation as a non-discharge zone for boating sewage under the Canada Shipping Act has passed its first hurdle and has made it to Gazette 1. Sharon Carter from the Nova Scotia Department of Environment and Labour will be visiting communities with pumping stations to inform them of the designation.

From UINR Marten – Vol.1. Issue.2 – Winter 2005