Pitu'paq logoThe Pitu’paq Partnership is moving forward with their comprehensive plan to address sewage in the Bras d’Or Lakes.  They have been working on a Green Municipal Fund application which would complete feasibility studies for sewage management in key area of the Bras d’Or Lakes. These would include Sampsonville, East Bay, Potlotek (Chapel Island), Waycobah, Dundee, and Orangedale/River Denys.

In September, members of Pitu’paq received a presentation on innovative technologies on a de-watering truck for on-site sewage systems. This technology is from Norway, and a pilot project has already taken place in Victoria County with a good response from residents. The presentation was very informative, and holds the possibility of phasing out sewage lagoons in Unama’ki. Pitu’paq continues to periodically review and support the implementation of innovative technologies, and provide a forum for communities to examine appropriate new approaches.

The Joint Enforcement Patrols, composed of federal, municipal, First Nation and municipal enforcement officers, were successfully delivered in Bras d’Or Lakes again this summer. The annual final report is due in October. Chapel Island Mission received support from Pitu’paq this year to address sewage issues. Pitu’paq provided financial support to provide portable toilets during the Mission.

The Canada Shipping Act designation continues to successfully move through the legislative process and Pitu’paq was proud to partner on the Clean Boating Initiative through the Nova Scotia Youth Core.

From UINR Marten, Issue 1, Vol. 1, Fall 2005