PrintThe UINR forestry division strives for an environmentally sound way to use our natural resources while creating employment for members of our communities and further strengthening relationships between local industry and Mi'kmaw people.

In 2002, an agreement was signed between Stora Enso (now Port Hawkesbury Paper) and UINR outlining provisions for forestry management services to be carried out by UINR on Unama'ki crown lands. This management includes forest planning, harvesting and silviculture. The contract gives UINR access to act as a contractor and harvest up to 30,000 tonnes of softwood and 30,000 tonnes of hardwood a year.


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The beetles reunion!

September 18, 2007Forestry, News

From the point of view of Spruce Beetles, these are good times! It’s a time for growth, expansion, and the fulfilment of their purpose in the great cycle of life. The white spruce have matured, the winters have been mild, and it is time to feast, multiply, and thin the forest to make room for … Read More

Mekwe'k kawatkw

June 18, 2007Forestry, News

Recently, UINR handed out over 300 mekwe’k kawatkw (red spruce) seedlings to students at the annual Kids in the Forest event in Whycocomagh. Blair Bernard and Clifford Paul met with students at the Provincial Park and talked to them about a wide range of natural resource issues important to Unama’ki Mi’kmaq. Red spruce (Picea rubens … Read More

Awakening publishing landmark

December 9, 2006Forestry, News

A new book has been published by the First Nations Forestry Program of Nova Scotia in cooperation with The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq. Awakening: Living with today’s forest is a comprehensive look at forestry in Nova Scotia from a uniquely Mi’kmaq perspective. It is a phenomenal achievement that has taken over three years to produce. … Read More

Northern Red Oak

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Black Ash

December 24, 2005Forestry, News

Wisqoq | Black Ash Fraxinus nigra Wisqoq (Black Ash) have long held a special place in Mi’kmaq culture. Black Ash has a porous quality that allows it to be pounded into splints for use in basketry. Young black ash has bark that looks like cork. The wood is very unusual: when pounded, it splits into … Read More

Wisqoq and Mi'kmaq

December 5, 2005Forestry, News

Wisqoq or Black Ash (Fraxinus nigra Marsh) is a very rare tree in Nova Scotia, with fewer than 300 mature trees identified by UINR staff. The wood is very unusual–when pounded, it splits into thin sheets along its growth rings. Baskets are woven from slats produced by pounding a wet block of wood until it … Read More

Forestry Division

October 24, 2005Forestry, News

In January 2002, an agreement between Stora Enso and the Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources (UINR) was signed in which outlined provisions for forestry management services to be carried out by UINR on the Cape Breton crown lands. This management includes forest planning, harvesting and silviculture. The two parties also agreed to establish a joint … Read More

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