UINR's partnerships with other organizations are an important part of what we do and the successes we have achieved.

Our lead role in organizations such as Pitu'paq and the Bras d'Or Lakes Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative have resulted in important accomplishments in achieving our environmental and management goals.

Through our partnerships with Parks Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Cape Breton University, Georgia Pacific, Port Hawkesbury Paper, the province of Nova Scotia, Cape Breton municipalities, and a host of other government departments and organizations, UINR has ensured that Mi'kmaq perspective and knowledge have been an integral part of many projects.


Lisa Young

Executive Director

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Nominate a Role Model for The Bras d'Or Lakes’ Golden Award

Nominate a Role Model for The Bras d'Or Lakes’ Golden Award

November 20, 2012News, Partnerships

The Bras d’Or Lakes Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative (CEPI) has launched the Golden Award for the Bras d’Or Lakes. The Golden Award award recognizes role models who, through their deeds and actions, help ensure the spirit of the Bras d’Or Lakes speaks today and for future generations. “The Bras d’Or Lakes is a unique environment … Read More

Kina’matnewey na klikn

Kina’matnewey na klikn

January 11, 2012News, Partnerships

In recognition of Mi’kmaq History Month, UINR joined Cape Breton University’s Unama’ki College in its dedication of Kina’matnewey Na Klinkn (Strengthening Knowledge) in the University’s courtyard. UINR’s Executive Director Lisa Young, Elder Advisor Albert Marshall and his son Albert J, joined CBU President Dr. John Harker in a ceremonial planting of culturally significant Mi’kmaq plants. … Read More

Kelusilitl Quspem Wjijaqmijl – Ta’n tel-siawita’mk Wi’katikn  The Spirit of the Lakes Speaks – A way forward

Kelusilitl Quspem Wjijaqmijl – Ta’n tel-siawita’mk Wi’katikn The Spirit of the Lakes Speaks – A way forward

December 15, 2011News, Partnerships

  Ni’n na Unama’kik wkamlamun. Ki’s sa’q mimaji, nujituan mkumi, samqwan aq wju’sn. Msit ula mawlukutik kisa’luksi Kinu me wenik kiskuk. Msit koqoey mawa’tumk kelo’tk msit mimajuaqn. Menaqaj iloqaptmumk ta’n telwije’tultik aq ta’n tela’sik koqoey, ta’n telki’k aq ta’n teli apjejk, npitn a’jela’lultoqsip nike’aq elmiknik. Mu menaqaj nike’ maliamuksiwan, npitis ma’kissmuluoq msit kisna ikaluluoq aq … Read More

Plant a Mimkwonmooseel for Mi'kmaq History Month

Plant a Mimkwonmooseel for Mi'kmaq History Month

October 19, 2011News, Partnerships

UINR is giving away Mimkwonmooseel (Red Oak) seed kits on Thursday October 20 at Cape Breton University. In celebration of Mi’kmaq History Month, UINR is participating in CBU’s dedication of  Kina matneway Na Klinkn (Embracing Knowledge) at the CBU Courtyard. UINR’s Executive Director Lisa Young will plant Switey and Pakosi, traditional Mi’kmaq plants to celebrate the garden’s dedication. … Read More

The Spirit of the Lakes Speaks launched

The Spirit of the Lakes Speaks launched

October 18, 2011News, Partnerships

As the chant of the Friendship song drifted across the Bras d’Or Lakes on a rare sunny July afternoon, people shook hands in congratulations on the release of  The Spirit of the Lakes Speaks, a document created by the Bras d’Or Lakes Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative (CEPI). With a vision for the protection and sustainability … Read More

Salmon…what we know

Salmon…what we know

March 9, 2011News, Partnerships

Elder Albert Marshall may have said it best: “Plamu was historically one of the staple foods upon which First Nations people depended. It was viewed as a gift from the Creator, and it seemed that it would last forever. That is obviously not the case: the species is threatened on a daily basis. It is … Read More

Mala now and then

Mala now and then

June 14, 2010News, Partnerships

Malagawatch occupies 661 hectares in the southeastern part of Inverness County on the Bras d’Or Lakes. Mala has the unique distinction of being jointly owned by the five Mi’kmaq communities in Unama’ki and has a long history steeped in cultural and political significance. It plays an important part in ancient Mi’kmaq life and today is … Read More

Making a difference

Making a difference

November 15, 2009News, Partnerships

Making a difference Another St. Anne’s Mission has come and gone and, thanks to the dedication of the teams of workers organized by the Pitu’paq partnership, it was cleaner both during the Mission and afterwards. Once again, students from the Nova Scotia Youth Corps were involved in the recycling and waste disposal program. They worked … Read More

Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources

September 17, 2009News, Partnerships

We have many neighbours: people, plants, animals and all the wonders that occupy the land and water. We share the earth’s resources (including water), often without any plan for the future that ensures our shared water resource is clean and available to all. A watershed plan focuses on water and is a tool that identifies … Read More

Guidelines for Cape Breton Moose Hunting released

September 16, 2009Moose, Netukulimk, News, Partnerships

The Cape Breton Highlands have always been known as traditional Mi’kmaq hunting grounds. In fact, a Mi’kmaq hunter recently found a 4500 year-old arrowhead there, evidence that Mi’kmaq hunted there for thousands of years. However, in the 1800s, moose disappeared from Unama’ki and this ancient relationship came to an abrupt end that lasted for almost … Read More

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