If you live in Eskasoni, Potlotek or Waycobah, watch the mail for a copy of your guide to protecting the environment in your community. UINR has put together an easy-to-read booklet of easy tips and useful information on little things that you can do to make a healthy environment for eels, fish, you and your friends and family.

Chiefs and Councils passed resolutions that community members must contact the Band Council and obtain written permission before clearing or using any unencumbered Band land.

These booklets feature illustrations by Potlotek resident Chris Andrews and are written by UINR biologist and research coordinator Shelley Denny and Tyson Paul with the assistance of community members and organizations.

Clean water is essential to survival of kataq eels. It is habitat for many different plants and animals like plamu salmon,kaqpesaw smelt, atoqwa’su trout, mntmu oysters and kaspe’laq gaspereau.

Fish habitat is protected by law. We all have a part to play in fish habitat conservation and protection. It is important we use our land properly. Our actions affect the Bras d’Or Lakes and other rivers, ponds and lakes. We are all connected.

These booklets show what you can do to protect these special places.

UINR is sending a booklet to every household in Potlotek, Eskasoni and Waycobah and extra copies are available at our office in Eskasoni or at uinr.ca

The illustrations on this page show:
When approaching land, lift outboard motors and land boats in areas with less eel grass. Eel grass is important to many fish species, including eels.

Show ways to protect aquatic habitat to the next generation by example.

Leave a naturally occurring 20 m (66 ft) buffer zone of trees, shrubs, grass and groundcover to hold soil in place and minimize erosion. It protects water from accidental leaks from furnace oil, sewage, gas and oil.