10 cartoon logoOn July 20th,1999, Chiefs Terry Paul, Allison Bernard, Morley Googoo, Mary Louise Bernard and Lindsay Marshall put their signatures to the official documents of the association that would grow into the vibrant organization UINR is today.

In a special issue of the UINR MARTEN we look back over the past 10 years and collect up all of the projects we have been involved in, the partnerships we made and the many people that have been involved with UINR over the years.

Looking back at our history helps us realize that UINR is built on a strong foundation of dedicated and hard working individuals that have contributed their time and energy to make us the organization that we are today. As we like to say at UINR’s all about the people. Our staff and Board of Directors have worked tirelessly to build UINR and our accomplishments over the past ten years really drives this home!

Reviewing our milestones gives us an opportunity to plan for the future. Everything we do at UINR is to restore Netukulimk to Unama’ki. Achieving adequate standards of community nutrition and economic well-being without jeopardizing the integrity, diversity or productivity of our environment is what Netukulimk is all about. And that’s what we’re all about at UINR.
As Mi’kmaq, it has been established we have an inherent right to access and use our resources but, along with that right, we also have a responsibility to use those resources in a sustainable way.

The Mi’kmaq way of resource management unites people with the plants, animals and the environment as a whole. UINR’s integration of scientific research with Mi’kmaq traditional knowledge, practice and understanding is what makes us unique. It is the foundation of our success.

We hope you enjoy this look at UINR’s history. In the months and years ahead we will continue our commitment to restore balance, harmony and responsibility to our valuable natural resources.