Banks along the shores of Malagawatch are eroding at an alarming rate. UINR has taken action to address the problem by erecting a barrier and signs warning of the erosion. We strongly recommend that people keep their distance from the banks to prevent injury.

In an effort to help, UINR laid geotextile fabric over the bank to the shore, fortified by sandbags. We are developing a long-term strategy to permanently address the problems.

Malagawatch is a special place. Over 650 hectares of land on the Bras d’Or Lakes, Malagawatch has the distinction of being shared by the five First Nations bands in Unama’ki. While some people live there year-round, Mala, as it is affectionately known, is mainly a retreat. Mi’kmaq people have gathered there for a very long time.

Malagawatch has an old cemetary, dating back hundreds of years and a special shrine is erected there. Situated on the banks of the Bras d’Or Lakes, the area has experienced major erosion. In the past year, much of the bank has fallen away, threating the graves with the possibility that they could be lost.

From UINR Marten – Vol.4. Issue.4 – Winter 2008