The first class of Unama’KIDS graduated at a ceremony in Eskasoni and joined a new group of kids that will be involved in next year’s project. The focus of the day was eels and we looked at the species from a traditional and a scientific point of view. Blair Bernard showed how to spear, clean and prepare eels and biologist Shelley Denny demonstrated an eel dissection and talked about the eels life cycle and some of the science projects UINR is involved in.

Over the last year the Unama’KIDS were involved in lots of different projects on natural resources. One of the highlights was participating in the release of American Martens in the Highlands last fall. This was a memorable hands-on experience where the Unama’KIDS got to see this elusive endangered species up close.

Over the next year, the new batch of Unama’KIDS will particiate in projects relating to natural resources and our environment in Unama’ki.