salmon w tag

UINR is Asking for Your Cooperation.

If you catch a tagged salmon during the fall harvest, please report it to us.

If possible, please release any tagged fish and report the tag number. If you keep a tagged fish, please report it and return the tag to UINR or a guardian. You can also send the tag and information to the address on the back of the tag.

We want to know how many tagged fish are present in the spring when recapture begins. Evaluation of Atlantic salmon stock in Margaree River uses angler’s logbooks and license stubs to determine catch and effort to estimate total salmon return to the river each year.

DFO Science (Gulf Region) is working with UINR and Unama’ki communities to capture and mark salmon by seining river pools in the fall, and recapturing fish in the spring. Salmon are marked using a small white tag attached at the base of the dorsal fin to identify individual fish.


To report tag numbers or more information please contact UINR.

Shelley Denny 578-4340

Keith Christmas 578-8149

Tyson Paul 371-0981

Angela Denny 578-2732