Following Wednesday’s confrontation between protesters and Mi’kmaq harvesters, Park’s Canada sanctioned moose harvest was put on temporary hold.

Today Mi’kmaq leaders, Parks Canada, and Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources met to plan the project’s resumption.

We’koqma’q Chief Roderick Googoo , in charge of Lands, Wildlife, and Forestry with Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs, has high praise for the Mi’kmaq harvesters. “We are proud of our harvesters for their bravery and actions in minimizing the confrontation with the demonstrators. Their safety is always our first concern and their handling of the situation, while avoiding escalation, was extremely well done.

“Our harvesters need to operate in a safe environment and the situation could have become much worse. We have asked Parks Canada to determine if charges will be made and leave it to their discretion.

“The harvest, part of Parks Canada’s Hyperabundant Moose Management Plan will resume this fall once measures are put in place for the harvester’s security and safety.

“We ask the Mi’kmaq community to remain calm and not escalate the situation. We are committed to work with Parks Canada and the RCMP to develop appropriate security and the Mi’kmaq are committed to completing the harvest and the health of the ecosystem. We will not be intimidated into leaving the Park.”