Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources (UINR) has released the first phase report on climate change in Unama’ki for the 2014/2015 period.

Impacts of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise on the Mi’kmaq Communities of the Bras d’Or Lakes provides Unama’ki communities with a powerful tool for community development and the adaptation planning needed to face pending challenges arising due to climate change.
Unama’ki coastal communities are susceptible to erosion from increased storm surges and lack of ice coverage due to climate change. Our communities are particularly affected by these threats due to limited infrastructure funding and land base.

Maps identify the vulnerable sections of coastlines, allowing affected communities to view flood zones and plan adaptation strategies.

The information generated from this tool will inform community plans and decision making processes including land use development, future infrastructure needs, and protection of cultural and historically significant areas.

Over the course of the project communities will be engaged in discussions on the cause and effects of climate change, vulnerabilities of their communities, and some options on moving forward on mitigation and adaptation.

Traditional knowledge will be gathered on the impacts climate change on the communities. Meetings will be held with each Chief and Council to present the results of our research and inform them of the potential threats that are posed both to their own communities and the shared community of Malikewe’j.

This project should empower communities to adapt to identified changes and challenges. Capacity will be developed in the communities through inclusion of band administration staff including public works, housing and lands officers, and AFS guardians.

For more information contact piel@uinr.ca