UINR has taken on the responsibility of creating a moose management plan. UINR, representing the five Mi’kmaq communities of Unama’ki, is mandated to implement this plan with the support of the Mi’kmaq Grand Council and the Unama’ki Council of Elders. Further development and long-term acceptance of this initiative is supported by Mi’kmaq leadership and by resolution of the Assembly of Nova Scotia Chiefs, dated March 14, 2005.

39UINR will work closely with the Mi’kmaq community and its leadership, along with representatives of the federal and provincial governments, to develop a plan that is supported by the Kwilmuk Maw-klusuaqn, Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative.

To develop this plan, UINR recently hired Clifford Paul of Membertou First Nation. Clifford and members of the KMK Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative team will be visiting the Mi’kmaq communities this month to promote discussion and awareness of moose issues. These visits will offer Mi’kmaq communities the opportunity to express their ideas on moose management. Information and feedback gathered will give us clear and concise guidance towards the establishment of the Mi’kmaq moose management plan.

“The Moose Management Initiative will be a shining example of Mi’kmaq self-determination”, Clifford Paul told The Marten. “It is really an issue of the Mi’kmaq accepting the responsibilities that accompany our treaty and aboriginal rights. In that regard, we will be seeking information, direction, and the promotion of discussion in the communities.”

The Moose Management Initiative developed as a result of a partnership between UINR, the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, and Parks Canada.


From UINR Marten – Vol.2. Issue.1 – Spring 2006