The Upcoming Chapel Island Mission is the hot button topic with Pitu’paq this spring. From bottled water to port-a-potties, the environmental issues for the tiny island and the surrounding Bras d’Or Lakes are being addressed. Pitu’paq deals with the most immediate concerns of this year’s Mission while planning for a future where there will be sound environmental mechanisms in place. Just supplying clean drinking water to the people on the island is a massive task.

Other issues facing Pitu’paq are concerns about a possible gas leak from an abandoned tank, water quality monitoring, peat moss systems and other unique solutions to waste disposal in sensitive areas.

pitu'paq logoOf recent concern were reports of cemeteries and burial grounds that are at risk of being washed away due to erosion from the Bras d’Or Lakes. Preventative measures may need to be taken.

Pitu’paq is a partnership of Cape Breton’s five municipal units and five First Nations of Unama’ki. Pitu’paq’s focus is the Bras d’Or Lakes watershed. Pitu’paq is the Mi’kmaq word for Bras d’Or…to which all things flow.

From UINR Marten – Vol.2. Issue.1 – Spring 2006