Cape Breton plamu getting some help

September 6, 2006News

CSI Cape Breton (Collaborative Salmon Initiative) is a new organization that was endorsed in Wagmatcook at a two-day workshop on Atlantic Salmon in Unama’ki/Cape Breton. Representatives from First Nations, government, conservation groups, scientists, academics, and recreational fishers met at “Dialogue on Plamu/Atlantic Salmon in Cape Breton.” The intensive workshop focused on many of the issues … Read More

Pjila'si – Summer 2006

June 12, 2006News

In older times, nipk (summer) was the time when our families travelled to summer camps along the shores to gather fish, shellfish, roots, and herbs to supplement our summer diet. These traditions are still important to us and, at UINR we continue to work on ensuring that these resources will be there in the future … Read More

Oyster Garden 4

June 9, 2006News

Alfred MacKay: All-around fisherman from Big Harbour Island, Malagawatch I met Alfred back in the 1970s when I was buying oyster from the public fishery in the fall. Alfred lived southeast of what we call Malagawatch Reserve. In order for him to get to his home, he had to drive through the Malagawatch community on … Read More

Traditional Leadership

June 6, 2006News

The Traditional Leadership for Future Generations Conference was held in Antigonish in May, 2006 to educate youth about traditional leadership and to encourage positive thinking and goal achievement. There were both Elder and youth speakers–the Elders sharing their traditional knowledge while youth spoke of everything from traditional dancing to overcoming drugs and alcohol to achieve … Read More

Clifford Paul, UINR Moose Management Initiative Coordinator

June 6, 2006Moose, News

Welcome readers of the UINR Marten to the moose section of our newsletter. I am pleased to let you know that progress is underway in the Moose Management Initiative. A series of meetings with Mi’kmaq communities and their Chief and Councils are planned over the next several months. To facilitate community involvement in this initiative, … Read More

What are we drinking?

June 6, 2006News, Research

Join our student news team as it explores where Unama’ki’s drinking water comes from and how it is monitored. The students interview community experts that work to ensure their drinking water is clean and safe. In this new educational DVD from UINR, we learn what safeguards are in place in Unama’ki Mi’kmaq communities–Eskasoni, Membertou, Potlotek, … Read More

Whats up with our water?

June 6, 2006News, Research

Global warming and its impact on the Bras d’Or Lakes is the issue that led to a project that will see UINR’s Natural Resource Officers documenting salinity, temperature, and oxygen in the Lakes. The Hydrographic Monitoring Program is targeted at areas in the Lakes that are inhabited by oysters, but the project gives us useful … Read More

TEK Workshop

TEK Workshop

June 6, 2006Netukulimk, News

“When I was a kid I walked through eelgrass beds. They are great nurseries. You would see a lot of minnows, pinfish, and eels and watch them swim away. I want to talk to youth to let them know that eelgrass beds are important nurseries. Eelgrass has decreased a lot. It is different today.” Fifty … Read More

Marten comeback

June 6, 2006News, Research

Early records estimate that over a thousand marten lived in Unama’ki in the late 1800s. For many years considered to be extinct here, we now know that there are considerably less than 100 martens in Unama’ki. A combination of over-trapping and loss of forest habitat forced the remaining marten into remote areas of the Highlands … Read More

Gaspereau study

June 6, 2006News

Angela Morris samples scales from Bras d’Or Lakes gaspereau. Her work is part of an ongoing monitoring of the stocks in the Lakes. The gaspereau fishery in Unama’ki is monitored and regulated. This year’s management plan includes a reduction in fishing time with a goal to reduce the catch by 20%. The objective is to … Read More


June 6, 2006Netukulimk, News

by Albert Marshall On a bright sunny afternoon in June of 1955, the Canso Causeway opened to the general public.  There were hundreds of people applauding on both sides of the Strait. The Strait was known to the Mi’kmaq as Tui’knek. The pomp and festivities were deafening.  Among the group were some Mi’kmaq, huddled together … Read More

Shrewd Shrew!

June 6, 2006News, Research

In our last issue (Spring 2006) we introduced you to the Species at Risk of extinction in Unama’ki. Missing from those photos was the Gaspe Shrew (Sorex gaspensis). At press time we were still unable to come up with an illustration of this elusive creature that lives in the Cape Breton Highlands. No one we … Read More