Moose Management

moose-management-logoMoose have provided much to the Mi'kmaq through the years. The Mi'kmaq way of resource management includes a spiritual element that ties the people to the plants, animals and the environment as a whole. A Moose Management Plan will put into practice the responsibilities that accompany Mi'kmaq treaty rights.

UINR has the responsibility to create a moose management plan for the moose in Unama'ki. UINR is mandated to implement this plan with the support of the Mi'kmaq Grand Council and the Unama'ki Council of Elders. Further development and long-term acceptance of this initiative is supported by Mi'kmaq leadership and by resolution of the Assembly of Nova Scotia Chiefs.

UINR works closely with the Mi'kmaq community and its leadership, along with representatives of the federal and provincial governments, to develop a plan that is supported by the Kwilmuk Maw-klusuaqn, Mi'kmaq Rights Initiative.

The Moose Management Initiative developed as a result of a partnership between UINR, the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, and Parks Canada.


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UINR’s Moose Management Initiative just published a brochure outlining Good Principles and Safe Practices for Mi’kmaq hunters in the moose hunt. Copies are being distributed throughout the Highlands. They are also available at the UINR office in Eskasoni and your Band office. Here are some of the principles and practices that are included in the … Read More

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Tiam update

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Issues of moose management have been discussed amongst community members at sessions in practically all Mi’kmaq communities in Nova Scotia. Sessions with Indianbrook, Glooscap, and Wagmatcook are planned. “Information from these sessions are duly noted” Coordinator Clifford Paul explains, “The ability to successfully facilitate discussions on Mi’kmaq moose management shows that Mi’kmaq people take their … Read More

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Increased presence in the highlands Hunters can expect to see an increased presence of Mi’kmaq Natural Resource Officers (NRO’s) and officials from the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in the Cape Breton Highlands this Fall. This is an effort for the Mi’kmaq to take increased control of the Mi’kmaq moose hunt. “Members of … Read More

Clifford Paul, UINR Moose Management Initiative Coordinator

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Welcome readers of the UINR Marten to the moose section of our newsletter. I am pleased to let you know that progress is underway in the Moose Management Initiative. A series of meetings with Mi’kmaq communities and their Chief and Councils are planned over the next several months. To facilitate community involvement in this initiative, … Read More

Moose Management Initiative

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UINR has taken on the responsibility of creating a moose management plan. UINR, representing the five Mi’kmaq communities of Unama’ki, is mandated to implement this plan with the support of the Mi’kmaq Grand Council and the Unama’ki Council of Elders. Further development and long-term acceptance of this initiative is supported by Mi’kmaq leadership and by … Read More

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by Jackie Drinnan When I was eight years old, my grandmother Ellen Simon and I were picking blueberries in a field in Wagmatcook, near where the school is today. We were always out picking something, whether it was berries or medicine for the family. We were always together and she always taught me something new … Read More

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