Madeline Yakimchuk, of Gryphon Media Productions, directed this short, two and a half minute video that gives a quick overview of UINR, touching on some of our many projects and partnerships. The video is fast-paced and packed with photos and video from around Unama’ki. Narrated by Lisa Young and Charlie Dennis, the video gives a comprehensive view of UINR.

77The video is directed in a fast-paced style, using Mi’kmaq words and phrases to highlight the video’s themes. Madeline notes that, “Modern media tools and techniques, when put to the service of the community, are perfectly capable of expressing our hearts and projecting our souls.”

The video shows scenes from the five Unama’ki communities and takes the viewer on a short tour of UINR, walking them through some of our initiatives, showing our staff, board, and partners.

“For me, a piece like this is organic, almost alive. It is professional, polished, but I hope its real strength is that it can be felt.”

From UINR Marten – Vol.3. Issue.1 – Spring 2007