You have probably noticed that UINR has been very quiet these past few months. For those of you who have not heard, our Director of Communications, Weldon Bona, had taken a leave in the fall due to illness. He passed away peacefully on January 19th.

Weldon was with UINR for nearly 15 years. Saying good-bye has been difficult but today we’d like to share with you the things we loved and will miss about Weldon. Weldon’s work was artistic, creative and had a high level of professionalism. He strongly believed in UINR’s mission, and he put his heart and soul into everything he did at UINR. He was also known to be very stubborn and opinionated and loved a good debate.

Weldon contributed greatly to UINR over the years: establishing UINR’s newsletter (the Marten), producing our children’s books and TEK reports, developing our website and social media, creating the much coveted UINR calendars and so much more. He made a huge impact to the organization over the years. His work and his presence will be greatly missed.