UINR hosted a meeting of members of Cape Breton Collaborative Salmon Initiative. The partnership meets regularly to talk about the state of salmon in Unama’ki and work on projects together.

In attendance (and pictured in the photo below) are: Bob O’Quinn–St. Ann’s Bay Wildlife Association, Greg Lovely–Margaree Salmon Association, Carter Stevens–CB Island Wildlife Association, Lewis Hinks–Atlantic Salmon Federation, Derek Quann–Parks Canada, John Hart–Nova Scotia Salmon Association, James Bridgeland–Parks Canada, Brent Baker–CB Island Wildlife Association, Leonard Forsythe–Wild Salmon Unlimited/Margaree Salmon Association, Harry Vickers–CB Anglers Association, Dave Cameron–Inverness South Anglers Association, Keith Christmas–UINR, Geoff Nishi –Inverness South Anglers Association, Darryl Murrant–NS Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture, Lisa Young–UINR.