Elder's Vision: Seismic Testing

December 5, 2005News

by Elder Albert Marshall Cape Breton Mi’kmaq Elders have added our voice to the many environmental groups, fishermen’s unions and ordinary citizens opposed to Texas company Hunt Oil’s seismic testing in Sydney Bight. The testing covers an almost 1000 square kilometer area and is as close as 10 kilometers off shore. The Mi’kmaq community was … Read More

The Oyster Garden 2

December 4, 2005News

A Story by Charlie Dennis This is in reference to my story in the last issue of Martin about the Oysters and my old friend Gabriel. If some of you took a guess (or were stumped!), the important tool was Cod Liver Oil. You are probably wondering “What the?!” Why would a person use oil … Read More

Winners of UINR/Georgia Pacific scholarship

October 26, 2005News

Congratulations to the winners of the UINR/Georgia Pacific Schlorships. The fund is to promote and encourage education and careers in the field of Science and/or Technology […]


October 25, 2005News

The Pitu’paq Partnership is moving forward with their comprehensive plan to address sewage in the Bras d’Or Lakes.  They have been working on a Green Municipal Fund application which would complete feasibility studies for sewage management in key area of the Bras d’Or Lakes. These would include Sampsonville, East Bay, Potlotek (Chapel Island), Waycobah, Dundee, … Read More

State of the Bras d'Or Lakes

October 25, 2005News

The Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources is developing a comprehensive report describing the state of the Bras d’Or Lakes that can be used as reference for governments, managers, resource planners, academia, the tourism sector and the general public as a citable source of quality, relevant and current information on multiple aspects on the Bras d’Or … Read More

What is CEPI?

October 25, 2005News

The Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative (CEPI) is formed of Mi’kmaq, community, industry and government partners who have come together to devise a management plan for the Bras d’Or Lakes. With two successful workshops under their belt, CEPI has been given clear direction from both government and community on priority issues and the means to address … Read More

Bras d'Or Lakes: you are involved

October 25, 2005News

UINR organized a series of open houses in March to inform the five Unama’ki Mi’kmaq communities of our plans to develop a management plan for the Bras d’Or Lakes watershed. George Paul facilitated the community meetings and his presentation determined what types of activities that UINR should be focusing on. Issues such as science research, … Read More

Moose Facts

October 25, 2005Moose, News

The word moose comes from the Algonquin Indians“ mooswa meaning “twig-eater” or “the animal that strips bark off of trees.” Through the years, it eventually changed into “moose.” For Mi’kmaq people the moose is an important animal. supplying us with food and other things for our survival. Moose meat is a source of nourishment during … Read More

Moose Camp

October 24, 2005Moose, News

UINR is hosting a Youth Moose Camp in which four youth from the five Unama’ki Mi’kmaq communities will be selected to experience a tradition that has been with our people for generations. Participants will go through four days of workshops, participate in a community hunt and host a supper celebration for their community’s elders. For … Read More

Managing Moose

October 24, 2005Moose, News

The current moose population in Inverness and Victoria Counties is estimated at a healthy 5,000 with a possible high of 7,000 moose. A project using radio collars that emit signals back to researchers allow the tracking of moose to determine their population, migration patterns and the general movement of the moose population. This research project … Read More

Super Oysters!

October 24, 2005News

What do you get when you cross a healthy oyster with a diseased oyster? Super Oyster! Well that’s in theory anyway and if UINR has any say in the matter, it might not be long before the native oyster fishery in Crane Cove returns. The problem is MSX. No that’s not the latest instant messaging … Read More

Clean Boating

October 24, 2005News

In the near future the Bras d’Or Lakes will be a cleaner place due to the Canada Shipping Act designation making the lakes a non-discharge zone for boating sewage. This summer two students from Eskasoni, NS have been working on getting the news out to boaters on the Bras d’Or. Alyssia Jeddore and Norman Sylliboy … Read More