Moose Camp

October 24, 2005Moose, News

UINR is hosting a Youth Moose Camp in which four youth from the five Unama’ki Mi’kmaq communities will be selected to experience a tradition that has been with our people for generations. Participants will go through four days of workshops, participate in a community hunt and host a supper celebration for their community’s elders. For … Read More

Managing Moose

October 24, 2005Moose, News

The current moose population in Inverness and Victoria Counties is estimated at a healthy 5,000 with a possible high of 7,000 moose. A project using radio collars that emit signals back to researchers allow the tracking of moose to determine their population, migration patterns and the general movement of the moose population. This research project … Read More

Super Oysters!

October 24, 2005News

What do you get when you cross a healthy oyster with a diseased oyster? Super Oyster! Well that’s in theory anyway and if UINR has any say in the matter, it might not be long before the native oyster fishery in Crane Cove returns. The problem is MSX. No that’s not the latest instant messaging … Read More

Clean Boating

October 24, 2005News

In the near future the Bras d’Or Lakes will be a cleaner place due to the Canada Shipping Act designation making the lakes a non-discharge zone for boating sewage. This summer two students from Eskasoni, NS have been working on getting the news out to boaters on the Bras d’Or. Alyssia Jeddore and Norman Sylliboy … Read More

Forestry Division

October 24, 2005Forestry, News

In January 2002, an agreement between Stora Enso and the Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources (UINR) was signed in which outlined provisions for forestry management services to be carried out by UINR on the Cape Breton crown lands. This management includes forest planning, harvesting and silviculture. The two parties also agreed to establish a joint … Read More

Pjila'si – Autumn 2005

October 12, 2005News

Pjila’si – Welcome to our first issue of the UINR MARTIN. Our newsletter will be published four times a year, with every season to bring you news on all of the projects we are working on, the partnerships we are making and other news of First Nation’s involvement in protecting our natural resources. UINR is … Read More

The Oyster Garden

October 6, 2005News

A Story by Charlie Dennis I was a young boy when I used to go to Malagawatch with my Mom and Dad to gather maple to make baskets. There was a man there named Gabriel Sylliboy. Gabriel and his brother stayed in a meager cabin typical of the times then, an oil lantern, an old … Read More