Aquatic Research & Stewardship

Science paired with Mi'kmaq traditional knowledge is the key to UINR's aquatic research activities. This unique pairing has been called "Two-Eyed Seeing" and brings together the best of western science and traditional knowledge.

UINR's research is guided by our communities and the advice and guidance of our community's Elders. Our emphasis is research on species of concern to Mi'kmaq such as oyster, lobster, eel, gaspereau and other food fishing species. Species at Risk and invasive species are also of great concern at UINR.

Clean drinking water and marine water quality are an important part of our work. We are responsible for monitoring drinking water safety in our communities and check water quality weekly in four of our communities.


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There goes Mala…

December 27, 2008News, Research

Banks along the shores of Malagawatch are eroding at an alarming rate. UINR has taken action to address the problem by erecting a barrier and signs warning of the erosion. We strongly recommend that people keep their distance from the banks to prevent injury. In an effort to help, UINR laid geotextile fabric over the … Read More

Any eels to spare?

September 27, 2008News, Research

UINR has been fortunate again this year to receive support from the Aboriginal Funds for Species At Risk program to expand our nearshore mapping of eel habitat and Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge project. Our original project took place in Potlotek, Waycobah, Wagmatcook, Malagawatch, Membertou and Eskasoni in 2007-2008. This year we will address knowledge gaps in … Read More

Year of the Frog

March 24, 2008News, Research

In the Mi’kmaq legend of Kluskap and the giant bullfrog, the source of water is from the belly of the frog. Kluskap identified the frog as the culprit who was hoarding the village’s water and squeezing it, he was able to release the community’s water supply. Sometimes, legend has a way of being confirmed in … Read More

How the Lakes are doing

September 18, 2007News, Partnerships, Research

Malfunctioning private septic systems, inadequate community sewage systems, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, boating sewage, and dangerous chemicals all contribute to problems with water quality in the Bras d’Or Lakes. UINR, along with the Bras d’Or Lakes Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative, have published The State of the Bras d’Or Marine Environmental Water Quality Background Report. The Report … Read More

Kluscap’s science

Kluscap’s science

March 16, 2007News, Research

A long, long time ago, the Mi’kmaq people were faced with a dilemma–a situation of great proportion that Kluskap was summoned for a solution. It was at a time in our history when the people told Kluskap that the animals were too big and fierce in the forest. The bear was too big, gigantic in … Read More

Where am I?

Where am I?

March 16, 2007News, Research

The Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources, in cooperation with the Eskasoni Fish & Wildlife Commission, has created an information map for each of the Unama’ki First Nation communities. Using Geographic Information System (GIS), these maps are a valuable resource for long-term monitoring and community planning. The maps contain information on drinking water monitoring sample sites, … Read More

State of the Lakes

March 10, 2007News, Research

The State of the Bras d’Or Lakes Marine Environmental Water Quality Background Report (MEQ), looks into the current state of the Lake’s water quality. The report examines the Bras d’Or Lakes and its sub-watersheds. Marine environmental quality is measured in many different ways. For the purposes of the MEQ report, it is examined in three … Read More

Ancient Brother Man

December 9, 2006News, Research

By Clifford Paul Armed with a series of maps, a compass, and a handy GPS device, Mi’kmaq archaeologist Roger Lewis attempts to recreate a 4500-year old story deep in heart of the Cape Breton Highlands. Using investigative techniques, combined with contour maps, Lewis is recreating a scene as to how a Mi’kmaq arrowhead made its … Read More

Annual report available

September 6, 2006News, Research

UINR’s Annual Report for the 2005/2006 fiscal year is available for download at our website. Just go to report to get a copy. The report highlights some of UINR’s achievements over the last year and includes financial statements for the period. Here’s an excerpt from Charlie Dennis’ introduction: The last twelve months have been … Read More

What are we drinking?

June 6, 2006News, Research

Join our student news team as it explores where Unama’ki’s drinking water comes from and how it is monitored. The students interview community experts that work to ensure their drinking water is clean and safe. In this new educational DVD from UINR, we learn what safeguards are in place in Unama’ki Mi’kmaq communities–Eskasoni, Membertou, Potlotek, … Read More

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